Mikonos Illusions To Siblegma

Mikonos Illusions / To Siblegma

Year: 1977
Country: Greece / France
Language: English
Genre: Classic, Feature
Duration: 01:39:52
Description: Susan is a model in Athens, but her friend/pimp Sakis makes her have sex with dirty old men. In a fight she shoots him in the chest. She then takes the boat to the island of Mykonos, to seek shelter with her avantgarde hippie friend Jimmy, who runs a fashion boutique together with his lesbian partner Katia.
On the boat, a young playboy type, named Paul, sees her gun in her suitcase. He gets to seduce her and she falls in love with him.
Meanwhile we see Katia (she has the looks of a heroin-addicted femme fatale) try to seduce Susan and have a lesbian encounter with Sylvia, the beautiful daughter of a wealthy tycoon who owns a big yacht.
Now Susan is being blackmailed by phone, but by whom? Susan suspects Katia, Katia suspects Paul, but in fact Sakis wasn’t dead at all(!). He has sent Paul to seduce her and get her money, but in fact Paul kills Sakis and takes the money. Susan is however the prime suspect of the police. Sylvia seduces Paul for kicks, but the clever police arrest Paul whilst he is having good sex with Sylvia.
Atrocious psychedelically painted walls in Sakis’s apartment; Jimmy has a nice avantgarde villa; downbeat music by Alepis. Katia and Sylvia are very pretty women – Susan looks like an ordinary slut. The characters perfom their own adult sex scenes (except Sakis and Jimmy who have no sex). Included are BJ, f/f, m/f, threesome, cowgirl.
Video quality: VHSRip
Video Format: AVI
Video: XviD 640×480 25.00fps 1174 Kbps
Audio: MP3 44100Hz stereo 97kbps
File Size: 839 MB



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